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GD Assist

Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination


Medical Travel Coordination:
Certified since:
April 2020
Opening date:

GD Assist is a leading and well-recognized health care management and medical tourism platform in Bangladesh. GD Assist with its locations in Dhaka and Chattogram focuses on third-party administration between the tripartite of insurance companies, corporates, and local hospitals. Under this, the organization manages the claims processing cycle for the employer (corporate company) in the event of an insurance claim raised by an employee covered under the scheme. As a TPA, GD Assist also manages the insurance company’s claims processing cycle, including the provision of medical documents, patient updates, and settlement of medical bills. GD Assist is also working as a TPA for parent Green Delta Insurance. GD Assist also offers a comprehensive suite of related products and solutions, including health insurance, visa assistance, air travel and ground transportation services, hotel accommodation, emergency medical evacuation, etc., that greatly add to patient convenience. GD Assist is the only in their sector to provide medical emergency evacuation through their air ambulance services. GD Assist is one of the most reputed medical tourism providers in Bangladesh with a wide range of network hospitals in some of the top health tourism destinations of the world, including India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Through this association, the company is able to set doctor appointments at the best hospitals renowned for its medical specialties within the shortest possible time. GD Assist has commenced a holistic corporate wellness program, under which t complete suite of services, including physical examination, yoga, and stress management are offered. GD Assist has instituted a membership service under ‘Health@Connect’, representing a card that includes health insurance, health care services in domestic and international hospitals, health tourism facilities, discounts in partner hospitals in Bangladesh, second medical opinion services, air ambulance services, tele- and video-consultation as well as travel support, including visa processing and other travel-related arrangements.