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Eshfaa for Healthcare

Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination


Medical Travel Coordination:
Accredited since:
December 2023
Eshfaa for Healthcare Team
Opening date:
team started working at march 1st 2019
Arabic for arabic speakers, English for non-arabic speakers

- Eshfaa is a digital platform specialized in Person-cantered care (PCC), through professional case management & care coordination by professional experienced medical support team. - established to be your medical companion, to have best healthcare journey from A to Z, with best patient experience management to ensure person-cantered care. - Our vision is to be the best Digital Healthcare service platform in MENA, that enables digital access to have integrated healthcare services with high quality & affordable cost. - Our mission is to provide best Patient Experience Management (PEM) & Person-Cantered Care with professional Case Management & Care Coordination with highest Healthcare Quality standards.