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Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Stubicke Toplice

Quality in Rehabilitation Care


Building outside
Rehabilitation Care:
Certified since:
May 2018
Accredited since:
August 2021
Building inside, reception area
Opening date:
Service hours:
Therapeutic units:
7:00 - 19:00
0:00 - 24:00 ( outsorced )
Imaging department/radiology:
8:00 - 16:00
8:00 - 16:00
Visitor restaurant, cafeteria:
7:00 - 21:00
Patient room
Number of beds:
Spoken languages:
Medical staff/doctors:
German, English
German, Russian
Administrative staff:
German, English

Disciplines and specialties

Rehabilitation services are offerd as:

Inpatient rehabilitation
Outpatient/ambulatory rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are offerd for the following population groups:

Elderlies (geriatric rehab)

Rehabilitation services are offerd for the following diseases (ICD 10 diagnostic groups):

Neurological diseases
Orthopedic diseases (e.g. musculoskeletal system, post-polio syndrome, etc.)
Rheumatic and autoimmune diseases
- traumatic rehabilitation, general rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are offerd for the following focus/specialization:

Early rehabilitation (e.g. ICU, hospital rehabilitation)
General rehabilitation for chronic diseases
Follow-up treatment after any acute illness including accidents, surgeries, organ transplantation, acute complication and/or aggravation of chronic diseases


Building outside